Get your child’s eyes checked!!

As the COVID pandemic continues and homeschooling has become a reality in every household, one of the things, that is missing is an Ophthalmic evaluation for our children.

As parents, we don’t realise, but in these days of online schooling, an important parameter to check our children’s eyes has been missing …. The very basic “blackboard eye evaluation”
In the days of physical school, we had our kids or teachers tell us that the child can not see the blackboard clearly and that would make us rush to the Ophthalmologist to get their eyes checked. Also, most schools used to have regular screening camps for evaluation of vision amongst other things… Sadly, these things have been long gone . 2 years now and still continuing…..
The most common cause of decreased vision in children is a refractive error which is often missed due to inadequate screening. This leads to decreased vision in one or both eyes and if not treated with spectacle correction early in life it can lead to permanently reduced vision also known as ” Amblyopia”

We urge you to get your child’s eyes examined at the earliest in order to rule out any Ophthalmic disorder and get the necessary treatment if required without delay.