Glaucoma .

What Is Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which the pressure within the eye rises which causes a gradual compression of the optic nerves causing an irreversible loss of vision.

Glaucoma has rightly been called “the silent thief of sight”. Most people are unaware of the disease till a very advanced stage. Please remember, VISION ONCE LOST CANNOT BE REGAINED. We can only prevent further damage- thus the emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment

About Glaucoma

Type of Glaucoma
Angle Closure Glaucoma - the pathways for the fluid circulating in the eye is narrow
Open-Angle Glaucoma - The pathway is normal in size but may be obstructed.

Glaucoma can also be associated with :

  • Intake of various medications (eg steroids)
  • Previous eye surgeries
  • Vascular disorders (stroke, heart disease)
  • Injury to the eye etc
  • Glaucoma also has a strong hereditary component and hence family members of an affected patient should undergo a detailed ophthalmic evaluation.