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Seeking an ophthalmologist with expertise, precision, and a commitment to personalized care in Tardeo, Mumbai ? Look no further than Dr. Chandni Kotak at  Zoroastrian Colony Medical Centre.

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15 Years of Excellence

For over a decade, Dr. Kotak has honed her skills, excelling in cataract and phaco surgery. Having aced the national fellowship exam, her dedication to her craft shines through in each successful procedure. With over 15,000 cataract surgeries performed, her experience translates to unwavering confidence and exceptional results.

A Legacy of Recognition

Trained at the renowned Arvind Eye Hospital, Dr. Kotak went on to lead the Glaucoma Department at KB Haji Bachooali Hospital. Her dedication to excellence earned her recognition from the prestigious International Council of Ophthalmology, UK. exceptional results.

Tailored Solutions, Exceptional Skill

Dr. Kotak’s expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of cataract surgery, confidently handling even complex cases. Her proficiency extends to a wide range of intraocular lenses, from basic to premium trifocal options. This allows her to create customized solutions that cater to each patient’s unique vision needs and lifestyle aspirations.

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Yes, the Zoroastrian Colony Medical Centre offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services

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We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of eye care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our team of experienced and qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists is dedicated to using the latest technology and treatments to provide you with the best possible care

Cataract surgery

Come and see the world clearly after your cataract surgery. We offer all types of intraocular lenses from the basic to the most premium trifocal lenses. The lenses are discussed in detail with all patients and after evaluating their visual needs and expectations of vision post surgery the appropriate intraocular lens is suggested to the patient.

LASIK surgery

Visual freedom awaits with our Refractive procedures. Discover personalized treatment plans, including options like Trans PRK or LASIK. We also offer a choice of ICL implantation or Clear Lens Extraction for higher Refractive errors. Come and " SEE" the difference

Glaucoma care

Preserve your vision with precise diagnosis using tests like OCT or visual field tests. Book an appointment to discuss personalized treatment options including medicated eye drops, Laser procedure or trabeculectomy. Explore advanced treatment options such as SLT, ALT, MIGS and Glaucoma shunt surgeries for advanced cases.

Practo Verified Patient2
Dr. Chandni Kotak is a fantastic doctor. I would strongly recommend her. She is highly experienced professionally but also very caring. Being a good human being adds to her persona. She is very friendly and approachable and always answers all concerns in easy to understand language - so coming to her for treatment is always a very pleasant experience. I have never felt the need for a second opinion. I got both my parents cataract for both eyes done by her. I and my family and friends have blind faith in her ability as a doctor and she has always lived up to it. She also making a difference to society by pursuing charitable treatment for the less blessed - my best wishes to her for that. Thanks doc for being there for us.
Niraj Borkar